How to re-broadcast to Akamai

With RTMP-Re-Broadcasting you are able to stream your show to any RTMP capable live-stream-provider, server or service. Simply activate "RTMP-Re-Broadcasting" in your channel settings and insert the "Streaming URL" and "Stream Name". Now any live show you produce in this channel will be pushed to the entered streaming service.

This step by step will show you how to send a stream from to Akamai.

1. In order to re-broadcast a stream from to Akamai you need to create an additional and/or your first stream. Therefore go to the Luna Control Center ( and log yourself into your account.

2. Once you are logged in please click on "Configuration" and choose "Live Media" from within the menu.

3. Now click on "Add Configuration" to configure a new stream.


4. On the next page select the third (HD LIVE Stream Universal Streaming) product and click on "Continue".

5. On the next page please fill following fields:

StreamName: Any desired name

Primary Encoder IP:

Backup Encoder IP: 

and click then on "Next".

6. On the Review section you can controll your configuration and submit your request.
Akamai will then provide you the necessary details per mail.

7. Once you have received the mail please note following details:

Primary Entrypoint: republish_akamai_information_6
rtmp:// (This will be provided from Akamai via Email) republish_akamai_information_6
Stream name:

8. Now go to and open your "Channel Settings" and go click the "Output" tab.

9. Please copy and paste the following details:


Your Primary Entrypoint


EVENT_NAME = ANY_DESIRED_2500 (The underscores are mandatory)

Username and Password as given by Akamai.

10. Click on Save.


Please note:
That for retrieval the stream name will be just EVENT_NAME_2500 (without "_2500", that is only used for publishing)