How to re-broadcast to DaCast

With RTMP-Re-Broadcasting you are able to stream your show to any RTMP capable live-stream-provider, server or service. Simply activate "RTMP-Re-Broadcasting" in your channel settings and insert the "Streaming URL" and "Stream Name". Now any live show you produce in this channel will be pushed to the entered streaming service.

This step by step will show you how to send a stream from to DaCast.

1. Login to DaCast and chose the live-stream you want to broadcast with


2. Click on the Tab "Encoder Setup". Stream URL & Stream Name are displayed on the bottom of the page

3. Copy the URL from the field "Stream URL".


4. On please go ahead as followed

4a. Go to “My Channel”

4b. Open your “Channel settings”

4c. Select the “Output” tab and activate the “RTMP-Re-Broadcasting” functionality

4d. Paste one of these URLS  into the field "RTMP-URL" of the form. Then copy the string from "Stream Key" into the same-named field "Stream Name" of the channel options form.

Save your settings with clicking on the "Save" Button.