How to monitor incoming inputs / scenes and final output

The Studio allows you to monitor your inputs and your final output, without leaving the cloudbased production tool. Therefore we have two different main features, which will help you to have your inputs and the final output under control.

This manual will show you how to monitor and word with three incoming inputs and your final output.

1. Monitor your incoming inputs

In our case we have three incoming inputs.


We recommend to check each incoming input for their audio quality, before placing and using it in a scene. You can check the audio by simply clicking on the little headphone icon, which can be found over each input source.

You can also monitor more than one input at the same time. Simply click on another headphone in the input bar.

If you are satisfied with the audio quality then you can drag and drop the inputs into your scenes, which you want to prepare or mix live.


2. Monitor your scenes

Within the scenes you can monitor an entire scene, which means you have a combination of mixed sounds, if you use more than on input/source in one scene. In our case we filled three scenes in “Sceneset 1” with our incoming as you can see in the following picture.


Within the scenes you have the possibility to monitor each scene. To monitor a scene and hear the sounds in it you just have to click into scene. The monitoring of the input is activated as soon as the scene receives a yellow border.


If you don’t want to monitor the selected scene anymore please press the “esc” button on your keyboard.

3. Monitor your live feed

The final output can be seen in the “Live Preview” section, which is situated in the bottom right corner of the Studio.

You can monitor the audio of the final output by simply clicking the headphone.


4. Monitor the final output

We implemented a little version of our channel player into the Studio. This little player shows displays the broadcast, which is send directly to the final destinations (Channel Player/Emdeddable Player)