How to add and use text objects

The studio allows you to enrich your scenes with text objects. This objects can be really helpful to title inputs, speakers, locations etc.

To use this asset in your production please follow this step by step guide.

1. Please click on the “Add Object” button, which is situated in the “Objects” section.

2. A prompt will appear in which you can choose to create a text or a voting object.

3. As soon as you have made the click a text object will be added (new label) into your library and a form loaded into the preview section. The preview section is in between the library and the show control.

4. All newly created text object receives a default name (new label), but as soon as the text object is created you will be able to rename it. Just make a double click on the object and give it a new name.

5.  The form is the base for every newly created text object and gives you following optinons.

- Font: -  You can choose between various font types (Default: Tahoma)
- Headline -  Here you can type any desired text  (Default: default)
- Subline: -  Here you can type any desired text  (Default: default)
- Alpha:  -  All text objects has a Alpha background (Default: white)

All of your changes will be shown instantly in the preview.

6.  If you are satisfied with your text object you can drag and drop it into a scene.

7. To scale and position the text object please go into the scene and select the dropped object. By pressing and moving the edge points you can easily scale the object.

8. To re-position the object please click into the center of the object and hold the mouse button pressed. When your cursor transforms to a crosshair you will be able to move the object.