Mixing live

As soon as your are satisfied with the look, configuration and set up of your make.tv studio  you can go ehead and start your live production

1. Click on the “Start Show” button

2. A window will open, in which you will be able to give your recording a proper name and a description.

3. If you have created a show via “Show Planner” prior to your actual live show, then you can select the right show out of the “Kamikaze Show” drop down menu. All information will then be taken over.

4. As soon as you click on the “Start Show” button a countdown from 10 to 0 will appear in the preview player. In this time frame you have the chance to stop and restart the show again. After the countdown your production goes instantly live.

5. A click on the “Live”button, which is situated in the center bottom of each scene will swap the scene live.

6. There is no problem with editing a scene, which is live. Your editing will not have an affect on your live stream. The editing will onlyl let the “live” button pulse. The make.tv Studio now knows that you are editing something in a scene which is in your live stream.

7. Within the live scene now you can drag and drop an object, resize it etc.. As soon as you like finalized your scene you can mix this newly edited in your live stream by simply clicking on the pulsing button.

8. In case of using a video in a live mix the make.tv Studio gives you alot of aids to ease your work.  As soon as you drag and drop a video into a scene and click on it (within the scene) you receive following view: 

9. Activate the “Auto-Start” functionality and the video will start automatically as soon as the scene mixed live (activated).

10. Activate the “Auto-Start” functionality and the live mix will happen automatically. All you have to do is to tell the video in which scene to jump after it runs out.