How to start and record a show allows you to go live with your own broadcast from all over the world. Along this feature you also have the possibility to record your productions. Recorded productions can then be used for different purposes.

All recorded shows will be available as a mp4 file and are called “Exports” on

This step by step guide will show you how to start and record your show.

1. Open the sudio and prepare some scenes and select the screen you want to go live with by clicking on the button in the middle of each scene

2. To go live with the selected scene simply click on the “Start Show” button, which is situated in the “Live Preview” section. This section is also called “Show Controll”. The preview player will always show you which content is going to be aired.

A click will open a prompt in which you can make some configurations:

- Show Name: In this area you are able to give your production a name.
- Show Description:        In this area you are able to describe your production.
- Start recording:

If you activate this feature a recording along with the start of your production will start.
If you choose to not activate this feature no recording will start simultaneously to the airing.

Please notice: provides you only recording for the first 4 hours.
If you choose to not the automatic recording along to the airing, then you can start the recording after the show is live.

before airing with your production.

3. Click on “Start Show” and your show will go live after a countdown from 10 to 0 within the preview player. Both bottons “Start Show” & “Start recording” will turn into “Stop Show” & “Stop recording”.

4. During a production you are able to stop the recording. Therefore click on the “Stop recording” button and confirm the next prompt.


Please notice:
You will not be able to start a recording during the same production again.

5. Once the production/recording is stopped the export will be available on your channel page.