How to syncronize your input sources

You have the possibility to delay your incoming camera inputs. With this functionality you are able to synchronize them to one another.

In this following example we have to webcams, which are connected with the Studio.

1. To synchronize the inputs we recommend you to drag and drop the inputs in two beside situatated scenes, for instance 5.1 and 5.2.

2. To determine the delay we have used a stopwatch and placed it in the front of our cameras:

  • Here you can see that both inputs are 300 milliseconds out of sync.
  • “Camera 2”, which is situated in the center is 300 milliseconds before “Camera 1”, this concludes  that “Camera 2” has to be delayed artificially.

3. To see the delay settings for each input please hover over the input slot. 

With a click on the right arrow you can increase the delay. A click on the left arrow will decrease the delay.

7. After increasing the delay to 300 milliseconds for ”Camera 2” the stopwatch shows two synchronized inputs.