What are scenes?

Once all camera signals appeared and all media files are uploaded in your make.tv Studio all you have to do is to enrich and design your scenes.

The fields below the input bar are our scenes. In this scenes you can place inputs, graphics and videos, which will then be used in your live show. These elements can than be scaled and edited.

Media files and objects can easily be placed via drag and drop into the scenes. As soon as you select an object the studio will automatically switch into the edit mode and will show you the editing possibilities in the middle of the Studio. Right beneath it you will see the layers which are placed within this scene. You can simply re-arrange the order of the layers via drag and drop.

Edge points will appear as soon as you select an object within the scene. This edge points can be used to scale an object. To reposition the object you can either use your mouse or use the arrow key on your keyboard.

Please notice:
Using the Tab-Key and the arrow keys the object will be repositioned in 10 pixels.


Is a scene designed to your wishes, you can lock the scene wtih a right click and selecting “lock scene” from within the menu for further editing.


If you want to unlock this scene please make a right click and select “unlock scene” from within the menu. The scene in which you editing currently will automatically be locked for other team members which are collaborating with you simultaneously in the studio. This scene will be unlocked as soon as you deselect this scene. 



In the case of using one object in more than one scene (same position & scale) you can simply use the combination for copy (“ctrl” + “C”) and for paste (“ctrl” + “V”).