Different ways to broadcast your show

make.tv allows you to broadcast you show on different players, platforms and streaming providers. We have a lot of tools and players. Each of this tools and players can be combined and used simultaneously. This means you can reach your audience on multiple places at the same time.

You can

  1. Broadcast the show on make.tv's channel player
  2. Broadcast the show on make.tv's embeddable player
  3. Broadcast the show on mobile devices
  4. Broadcast the show on other platforms and streaming providers

to reach your audience.

1. Broadcast the show on make.tv's channel player

make.tv’s channel player is the easiest way to reach your audience. This player can be found on each channel page and is directly linked to the make.tv Studio. As soon as you start a production the player will recognize the incoming stream
and will automatically play the live signal.

2. Broadcast the show on make.tv's embeddable player

With our embeddable player you will be able to broadcast your show on your own site. This player is directly connected to your make.tv Studio and has the same functionalities and features as our channel player. Using and embedding the player is really simple. To configure your own channel player please follow the above listed steps.Go to your channel page by clicking on “My Channel”

  1. Below the make.tv player you will find a button labled "Embed player on your site"
  2. A click will lead you to our embed generator page, where you are able to configure the player
  3. This site is devided into the preview and configuration section
  4. The player within the preview section will always show you how your player looks like after clicking "player preview"
  5. The cofiguration of an embeddable player is really simple
  6. First you have to find a suitable size for your player
  7. Therefore please choose one our provided sizes or configure one with a custom size
    • Dimensions of small: 410 * 290 px
    • Dimensions of small & Chat: 610 * 290 px
    • Dimensions of Big: 610 * 404 px
    • Dimensions of Big & Chat: 760 * 375 px
  8. Below the confifuration for the size of our embedd player your have to change our default settings
  9. You can select a show out of the dropdown menu or use the channel settings
    • the selected show will start once the player is loaded
  10. You can activate or deactivate the "Autostart" functionality
    • the player will start automaically if this feature is activated
  11. If you want the player swap into the live mode once a live show is broadcastet please activate this feature
  12. To remvove the make.tv link below the player please deselect "Add link to production"
  13. You can change the language of your player by selecting a language out of  dropdown menu
  14. You can set an initial volume or turn it even completly off, the player will start with the configurated volume
  15. You also have the posibility to enable/disable the chat functionality of our player
  16. To change the colors of the embeddable player please use the pre-configured templates or our color picker
  17. Once you are satisfied with the design and the configuration you made you can get the iframe code by clicking on generate embed code or even publish the player on your facebook page

3. Broadcast the show on mobile devices

make.tv allows/ offers your the possibility to broadcast your show on mobile devices. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to configure or set up anything. As soon as you start a production in your make.tv Studio the system will automatically create a suitable stream from mobile devices, which can than be played with any mobile player which supports HLS (HTTP LIVE STREAMING).


Please notice:

All interactive features such as the user invite, voting object, chat etc. are not supported for mobile devices.