Learn how to add, use and enrich your make.tv Studio and production with media files

make.tv is perfect for live broadcasts but what would a livebroadcast be without media files such as lower thirds, graphics, clips, assets etc. make.tv has a lot of features one of them is handling and working with media files.

In this section of our help center we will show you how to work with assets and media files on make.tv. After reading this section you will be able to

  1. Import media files into your make.tv Studio
    Uploading (importing) media files from your computer into the make.tv Studio
  2. Organize media files
    Creating folders and organizing media files within the newly created folders
  3. Add and use media files with an alpha channel
    Learn how to create, add and use media files with an alpha channe
  4. Use media files in general
    Enrich your scenes with media files and give your a production a new look

You will see that the make.tv Studio is really intuitiv and all the above mentioned topics are really easy to learn.