Getting started with

Here are some easy tips to getting started quickly with that we have created as a help center which will guide you through each section of

If you are a first time user, then we recommend to watch our demonstration video


and follow the order which is listed below. This will ensure that you understand each section and then know how to produce your best show.

1. Connect Inputs

In this section we are going to show you the different ways of connecting inputs into the Studio. Each of the topics listed below will be explained and shown.

2. Add Media

In this section we will show you the library within the Studio and go through the steps to follow.

3. Enrich Scenes

One of our core featureas within the Studio are the scenes. In these scenes you can prepare sets and mix incoming inputs with other overlays. In this section, we will show you how to enrich these scenes with inputs, overlays, etc.

4. Configure Outputs

There are different ways of how you can provide your produced material from to your audience. You are able to combine the below listed possibilities and allow your audience to watch the production on different sites, streaming servers and platforms.

  1. YouTube Live
  2. Ustream
  3. DaCast
  4. Akamai
  5. Other CDN's and streaming services

5. Viewer Interaction

The Studio allows you to use signals (audio/video) of your audience. This great feature has the ability to enrich your production with feeds from all over the world. Another great feature is to integrate your viewers by asking them questions through our voting tool.

6. Produce live

This section is mainly a To-Do list for going live during your broadcast. The following topics will be part of this section: