How to send a signal from a Teradek Cube device to

Different audio and video sources, video clips, local webcams or streaming signals from other live sources can be connected to either directly, through a mixer (ie. Wirecast etc.) or via an online/hardware encoder (ie. Flash Media Live Encoder, Teradek Cube, LiveU etc.).

There is no limit on how many inputs you send or use in the Studio.

This step by step guide will show you how to send an input via a Teradek Cube encoder
into the studio.

1. Open your Teradek Central Application (TeraCentral) and choose the device which you want to configure.

2. Click on “Configure Settings”. This will lead you to your TeraDek Dashboard.

Go to “Video Setup” and open your “Stream settings”.

3. To connect your Teredek device with your Studio please open your studio and click on the “Add Stream” button.

4. Please copy your individual RTMP-URL & Stream Name out of this window.

5. Paste this information into the Teradek Central and click on “Apply”.


Please note:
If you want to broadcast from a location where a firewall is blocking all outgoing traffic to destination port “1935”, you can change the protocol in the URL from “rtmp://” to "rtmpt://" and manually select the destination port “80” by adding “:80” after the top-level domain. Your URL will then look like this:
If you want to duplicate your stream server side, and stream to additional channels, simply add “/COPY/[HASH-STRING-FROM-OTHER-CHANNEL]” to the URL. Your URL should then look like this:

Using this formula, you can duplicate your stream to all the channels you have access to.