Use media files in your production

The Studio offers you alot of ways to enrich your production for instance with media files. Media files such as lower thirds, videos, split screens or audios  etc. can be used to enrich scenes. All media files can be found within the library.

In our tutorials on how to “Import media files” and “Organizing media folders” you can learn how change the content and look of your library content.

At first we have a look on how to enrich your scenes with graphics. To do so I am going to drag and drop an input into on of my scenes.

Once the input is placed into the right scene you can start with the enrichment.

Each Studio has a default folder in its library, called “new_make.tv_templates”. Within this folder we prepared a lot of background, lower thirds and split screens for you.  Each of them can be used for production purposes.


Now you can choose a media file and  enrich your scene with a simple drag and drop process.