How to invite a viewer visually into the studio allows you to invite your audience visuall into the studio. With this feature you no longer have any boundaries to make a international production and to interact with your audience.
Every viewer can participate in your production and doesn’t need to instal any additional software.
Inviting someone into your studio is really simple.

1. Go into your studio and start to broadcast by simply clicking on the “Start Show” button.

2. A prompt will appear in which you can give your show a title and description. Once you have done this simply click on start show and the broadcast will begin with the selected scene.

3. Your audience can now watch your live broadcast on your channel page or any other platform if you activated’s re-broadcast functionality. Please notice that a viewer invite is only possible with’s interactive player.

4. In order to invite someone into the studio the viewer has to communicate with the studio.
Therefore the viewer has to click on the small chat icon and into the input field within the chat box.

5. As soon as the user clicks into the chat field a prompt from within the player will open, which ask the user for a chat name. After typing a name and confirming the prompt by clicking on the check mark the the user will instantly appear in the studio. The producer will see all sucessfully signed in users in the chat section.

Please notice:
On logged-in users do not have to type a user name. They will appear with ther account name.

6. Now both parties (viewer & producer) are able to communicate with each other.
The producer has to possibilities to get in contact with his audience. By typing and sending a message into/through the public chat the message will visible for all of its audience.

7. If the producer wants to chats with one of his viewers privately then he needs to select the user by clicking on his/her name and type the message into the private chat.

8. On the small icons (camera & microphone) the producer knows that a user has a microphone and a webcam. All of this viewers can be invited visually into a production.
If the producer decides to invite someone into the production then he can do that by clicking on the name and the “Invite” button.

9. The user on the other hand will receive a notification from within the player in which he/she is invited to participate in the production. 

10. Decides the user to participate in the production he or she clicks on “next step”.  In the next prompt he/she need to choose a camera and audio input and can make some last adjustments to its camera image.

11. As soon as the viewer click on “OK” the prompt will close and the input will be visible in the studio.

12. The producer can now use this input in its production.

Please notice:
If the producer doesn’t need the input anymore he can simply terminate the input by clicking on “close”.

By clicking on the “talk” button the producer can talk the input owner. This conversation is now hearable for other viewers.

By clicking on ignore all communication will be ignored by the system.