How to add and use the voting

The studio allows you to interact with your audience during a live broadcast. One way of interacting with your audience is to create votings and ask your audience for feedback.

This asset can help you to improve your production by listening to your audience.

To use this asset in your production please follow this step by step guide.

1. Please click on the “Add Object” button, which is situated in the “Objects” section.

2. A prompt will appear in which you can choose to create a text or a voting object.

3. As soon as you have made the click a voting object will be added (new voting) into your library and a form loaded into the preview section. The preview section is in between the library and the show control.

4. All newly created votings receive a default name (new voting), but as soon as the voting object is created you will be able to rename it. Just make a double click on the object and give it a new name.

5. The form is the base for every voting and has to be filled with question and up to for response possibilities.

6. As soon as you have filled the necessary fields you can drag and drop the voting object into scene in which you want your audience to see it.

7. The next thing what you have to do is to swap the scene with your voting live (click therefore on the button “Live 1.3” in the bottom center of scene 1.3) and to start the voting by clicking on “Start Voting”.

Please notice:
The voting object will change as soon as the first voting are made.

You will see how many users participated in your voting.

By clicking the “Reset Votes” button all votes will be lost.